Top 5 Accessories Every Diver Should Have

Diver underwater facing the camera

We all know the first pieces of equipment we should purchase: the mask, the suit, the regulator, and so on. Yet, seemingly less important pieces of equipment are often neglected. Aside from the obvious bits of gear that are required to actually go diving, there are other key accessories that every diver should be equipped … Read more

5 Best Scuba Diving Masks in 2020 (Review)

dive masks on water

Just as a certain pair of fins quickly come close to a diver’s heart, so too does a mask. And with good reason. There are a range of factors to consider when selecting a mask, including but not limited to: the number of lenses, the skirt, the frame and the colour. With the help of … Read more

7 Best Rash Guards for Scuba Diving in 2020 (Review)

Man Diving Underwater

Rash guards – or rashies, or rash vests – are a popular choice for those diving in tropical waters. They have their origins in surfing. Surfers began to wear T-shirt-like skins in order to protect themselves against the friction brought about by the salt, sand and board. Since then, rash guards have become a favourite … Read more

6 Best Scuba Diving Weights & Weight Systems of 2020 (Review)

Weighting: simultaneously one of the most crucial and most neglected aspects of diving. Being correctly weighted is essential for safety, comfort and good trim. On top of this, the type of weight is critical for fine tuning your configuration. Weight belt, quick release, trim pocket, coated, uncoated; there are a panoply of options available. With … Read more

5 Best Scuba Diving Gloves in 2020 (Review)

A dive can be made or broken by the simplest of details. Numb, useless fingers is one of them. A good glove, however, will make this one less detail to worry about. Whether you are looking for a pair of gloves for thermal protection, or for protection against abrasions, our product recommendations and advice guide … Read more

6 Best Scuba Diving BCD’s in 2020 (Review)

For the diver wishing to fine-tune their trim and overall diving experience, a BCD is the next logical purchase. The variety of options on the market can make BCD selection seem somewhat overwhelming, especially as so many look the same as the next. However, there are some basic factors to look for in all BCDs, … Read more

Taking the Plunge: Am I Ready for Technical Diving?

En route to the dive site, bouncing in rhythm with the waves, the wind and thrill about your person, you notice a group of distinctively different divers opposite you. Your interest is piqued. As you begin gearing up, you watch them from the corner of your eyes, in a series of evasive stares. The various … Read more

6 Best Dive Computers in 2020 (Review)

Dive computer with water

Within the world of diving, there are three groups: those who dive with computers, those who dive with tables, and those who do neither, instead opting to simply follow the fins in front of them. It is a growing trend in many areas across the world that dive computers are becoming mandatory per diver, and … Read more

5 Best Scuba Diving Regulators in 2020 (Review)

Scuba Diving using Regulator

Buying your first scuba regulator is a symbolic act. The act signifies that you are no longer part of the one-time-a-year diving club. He who owns his own regulator is clearly something of a more serious diver; and the more serious diver demands quality. A regulator should be prepared for multiple challenges, including but not … Read more