5 Best Scuba Diving Reels in 2020 (Review)

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Diving reels are some of the more unsuspecting pieces of important diving equipment. They are the unsung heroes of an equipment set, providing a multitude of applications, thus it’s important that you pick the best dive reel for your needs. Diving reels are most commonly used for the deployment of SMBs, or surface marker buoys, … Read more

5 Best Scuba Diving Compasses in 2020 (Review)

Hand holding scuba diving comapss

We are in a time when diving technologies and practices are growing at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately in these times, diving compasses are seen less and less as an essential component of a scuba equipment set. When new divers begin to compile their own sets they typically purchase fins, a mask, snorkel, computer, BCD, and … Read more

5 Best Full Face Scuba Masks in 2020 (Review)

For the longest time, if you appeared on the dive boat with a full face mask, your fellow divers would gawk at you–and they still might. However, I assure you, full face scuba masks are the next hot product in recreational diving equipment. Once reserved only for the likes of scientific and commercial divers with … Read more