6 Best Dive Computers in 2020 (Review)

Dive computer with water

Within the world of diving, there are three groups: those who dive with computers, those who dive with tables, and those who do neither, instead opting to simply follow the fins in front of them. It is a growing trend in many areas across the world that dive computers are becoming mandatory per diver, and … Read more

5 Best Scuba Diving Regulators in 2020 (Review)

Scuba Diving using Regulator

Buying your first scuba regulator is a symbolic act. The act signifies that you are no longer part of the one-time-a-year diving club. He who owns his own regulator is clearly something of a more serious diver; and the more serious diver demands quality. A regulator should be prepared for multiple challenges, including but not … Read more

5 Best Scuba Diving Compasses in 2020 (Review)

Hand holding scuba diving comapss

We are in a time when diving technologies and practices are growing at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately in these times, diving compasses are seen less and less as an essential component of a scuba equipment set. When new divers begin to compile their own sets they typically purchase fins, a mask, snorkel, computer, BCD, and … Read more

6 Best Scuba Diving Fins in 2020 (Review)

Scuba Diving with Fins

Fins are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment when it comes to optimising the diving experience. For the experienced diver, fins quickly become the first object of attachment. I know myself that I would almost rather not dive if I could not do so with my favourite pair of fins. Good fins provide … Read more

5 Best Dive Knives in 2020 (Review)

Wading out of the water, with Cousteau’s Aqua-Lung hoses slung over either shoulder; the oval mask atop the forehead; and – most importantly – the large, glistening sword-like blade fastened to the lower-leg: this is the quintessential image of ‘the scuba diver’. Clearly, from an image point of view alone, a good dive knife is … Read more

5 Best Full Face Scuba Masks in 2020 (Review)

For the longest time, if you appeared on the dive boat with a full face mask, your fellow divers would gawk at you–and they still might. However, I assure you, full face scuba masks are the next hot product in recreational diving equipment. Once reserved only for the likes of scientific and commercial divers with … Read more

6 Best Drysuits for Scuba Diving in 2020 (Review) – Choosing Your First Drysuit

The buying of a first drysuit is an experience similar to a first kiss; fear-inducing, thrill-arousing, and – in general – a perilous venture. However, while an ill-delivered first kiss may come with the risk of embarrassment, a poorly selected drysuit comes with an arguably much greater risk, namely the cost to one’s bank account. … Read more